Oregon AVA changes names

The Yamhill-Carlton District AVA - one of the six small appellations in Oregon’s northern Willamette Valley - has received a name change. Well, more like an adjustment.

It now will be known as Yamhill-Carlton, dropping “District” from its name. This will become effective Dec. 3, according to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

According to the petition, Ken Wright of Ken Wright Cellars in Carlton, Ore., said, “The inclusion of the word ‘District’ was completely discretionary and added only to enforce the idea of the AVA being a regionalized area. Historically, the area has always been referred to as simply ‘Yamhill-Carlton.’ Additionally, the length of the current name is very difficult to fit on a wine label. Many wineries have found it impossible, given their current label graphics, to utilize the name.”

I have been a fan of the “District” name, if only because it added a certain bit of class, not unlike Napa Valley’s Stag’s Leap District. But I also see the reasoning behind the change, and I don’t think it will matter one bit to consumers.

And consider this: The AVA was first proposed in 2002 and was approved in 2005. The name change was proposed in 2008 and is being approved now, in late 2010. The lesson is this: Be sure the name you select for an AVA is what you want and need because it is a long process and a lot of paperwork.

The Yamhill-Carlton Winegrowers Association already has registered yamhill-carlton.com in addition to the current site. However, the Yamhill-Carlton class if 1964 is sitting on the more desirable yamhillcarlton.com. I suspect the group will use both domains in the near future.


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